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10 March 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Paladin of Amnesia – Part 5

dwarf clericWe moved back to the main tunnel and studied the map in more detail. The dwarves decided that a secret entrance was nearby and we moved in that direction. After walking for about an hour we came upon a nondescript area of the tunnel that had a slight curve in it. Brecon stopped in his tracks and looked at the map. He told us that he believes the secret entrance is some sort of magical portal. We moved over the walls with our hands to try and find any more clues. Finally, Harlech came across a protruding rock that didnt seem right. Its was a slightly different color then the surrounding rock and was shaped very oddly. Without asking anyone he pulled down on the rock and that set off a chain of events that I could only describe as terrifying.

The rock was actually a lever that turned the floor below us into a swirling gray/black void that ate us up. We fell for what seemed an eternity. Suddenly we our fall started to slow and a light appeared below us. We came through, what I call clouds, and gently touched down in a immense cavern. I could barely make out the ceiling as there were clouds above. Huge globes of light lit up the cavern. Weird looking trees and plants dotted the landscape. We landed near a wall of this cavern, so the only way to go was forward.





03 March 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Paladin of Amnesia – Part 4

GoblinConceptSeveral goblins used slingshots to hurl rocks at me. I countered them by throwing my torch and bringing my shield into defensive position. The goblins didnt have the forethought of extinguishing the torch and I waded into them with my sword swinging. Green body parts instantly flew in different directions and  the tide of  battle turned quickly. The goblins abandoned the fight and fled deeper into the caves where I could not go. I gathered up the torch to explore the battle area more closely. Several wooden chests lined the walls as well as some sleeping pallets. The two dwarves finally arrived and scolded me for splitting up the party. I knew they were just mad that they didnt get in on the fight.

We examined the chests and behold they contained silver pieces, a small dagger and a intricate bone case. I looked over the dagger and found that it was mostly ceremonial in nature. Strange symbols were etched on the blade and the handle contained a ruby gem that looked of great value. Brecon opened the bone case and pulled out a parchment. We discovered it was a map of some passages that moved ever deeper into Ebonyr. One path led to a large cavern and there was scrawled “FarDeep Sea” The dwarves looked at each other in silence. I caught a glimpse of their faces and asked them what FarDeep Sea meant. Harlech said that it was just a legend among the dwarves that a vast underground sea could be used to travel the FarDeep which was extremely dangerous to explore in the first place. I asked if there could be a lot of treasure down there. They both said that there were rumors of great wealth but few had brought any back. I told the dwarves I had a yearning to explore and not fight meaningless battles above. The dwarves looked at each other again, shrugged and said together in unison, “Let’s Go!”



23 February 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Paladin of Amnesia – Part 3

Brecon dwarf ClericWe entered the cavern opening. One of the dwarves lit a torch and handed it to me. Brecon said to keep behind them 20 feet or so, that way there dark vision will work. I had never been underground and was a little intimidated, but the dwarves made me as comfortable as possible. They tied a rope to each of us so we wouldn’t get separated. I asked about monsters and they said we may encounter some. I tightened the grip on my sword. We started moved down a large corridor that sloped ever so slightlydownward, deeper into the depths of Ebonyr. We marched for several hours (I knew the time because Brecon will call out when an hour passed, I don’t know how he can figure out the time without the sky overhead). We rest in a little alcove next to the main corridor. We eat part of some rations and rest for a while.

We moved again, single file, down the corridor and came to a 4 way intersection. Ancient-looking runes were carved into the rocks on all four tunnels. Harlech said the we needed to go the right. Brecon said that they need to to move straight ahead. Harlech looked over the runes again and made the decision to turn right. We moved down the corridor, which was almost the same width and height of the last one. We came to another tunnel branching off to the right. The dwarves stopped and talked in their native tongue, they kept pointing ahead or down the corridor. I figured that we maybe getting lost. I thought I saw a flicker of light down the side tunnel and curiosity got the better of me. I untied the rope connecting us and started moving down this offshoot tunnel and then came the arrows and rocks…GOBLINS!

Map 1 - Part 3